Barbados is not everyone’s cup of tea, which quite frankly I don’t understand.  I mean, who doesn’t love the heat, sun, and the beach.  Answer: my Uncle Ken.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge Uncle Ken.  He lost his wife of over fifty years last year.  For over 25 years since they retired, Aunt Sylvia traveled the entire world with him.  They had been to every continent, including Antarctica.

On February 11, he jumped on a plane on his own and traveled to Barbados.  He has been on way longer flights to way scarier, hectic places, but this time he traveled solo.

I know that feeling of traveling on my own.  Knowing that wanderlust is part of who I am but also thinking WTF am I doing this for?!  The difference is that traveling alone was my default.  Uncle Ken’s was traveling with Aunt Sylvia, and he misses her.

Uncle Ken means a lot to me.  He is my dad’s brother and has treated me like a daughter.  It was special to introduce him to the others that mean a lot to me.  When he returned home, he wrote this touching note:

Your new life is quite magic.  You have built a friend group that is very strong.  They truly seem to take you in and seem willing to protect you as one of their own. Of course the addition of Nick to the mix has pretty much put the lid on it.  He is very special.

I want to acknowledge Nick, because he let me stay with him for two weeks (during busy season at work) while Uncle Ken stayed at my place.  And yes, we are still together 😉

Not sure Uncle Ken loved Barbados.  But it provided a soft landing for his first travel outside of Canada since Aunt Sylvia passed away.  It was not so much the destination that was important – Uncle Ken had his eye on Asia, and this was a distant second choice.

It was part of the journey that someone takes when they love traveling so much that they cannot do without it but don’t want to face it on their own.  Barbados is a beautiful place to hang out for a couple of weeks and remember what it is like to discover somewhere you have never been.  A nice spot to reignite wanderlust.

Harrison cave formations underground

Huntes Gardens -"the most enchanting place on earth"

We are all on a journey.  Mine took me to Barbados and changed my life.  I am so glad that my uncle’s journey brought him here as well.  While it may only be a temporary stop along the way for him, I believe it brought him some peace and strength. Barbados is magic.

Sunset overlooking Accra - South coast Barbados