I have never liked the burglar bars over the windows, but I am going to embrace them.  I still do not know if they are a necessity or a precaution. They are everywhere in Barbados and my new place has them.  I have been strongly advised not to take them off.

Home décor would not be complete without a tour of Pinterest.  I noticed several beautiful walls done with a harlequin pattern.  A series of diamonds that looks curiously like my burglar bars.

Starting with the large living room window, I blocked off a pattern with painter’s tape.  I am a recovering perfectionist and am fighting against the tendency to map everything out.  This was not a good time for that.  It took me a long time to lay out the pattern according to the eye.  I broke down and got out the measuring tape to mark out an equidistance between the lines.  Measure twice, cut once, as they say.

Before PaintBefore Paint

My new place is very beige/cream.  It is beautiful in a minimalist, clean sort of way.  I wanted more colour. I looked to my surfboard for inspiration.

Last year, my surfboard needed to be repainted.  Kate designed a pattern and colours that complemented the ocean.  I have been sitting on that board on the waves and want to bring that calm into my home, so am using that colour palette for the main room.

Before PaintingBefore Painting

There is a smaller window in the main room, at the end of the hallway into my apartment.  It needed something to detract from the burglar bars and create a focal point as you walk in.  Back to the diamond pattern and with a dash of colour, the line of sight completely changes upon entry to my home.

When I would do renovations in Canada, there was so much choice for materials between Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Rona alone. Here, on the island, choice is restricted.  I thought I would hate that, but it turns out to be much more efficient.  I turn off my need for perfection, because besides it being an illusion, I am probably not going to find the ideal that I picture in my mind.  I am ok with that.

Things in Barbados are simple.  You embrace what you have been given and work with what you got.

Where do you draw your inspiration?