I had not heard the prime minister of Barbados speak until last night. She has won my respect and admiration. Mia Mottley addressed the nation about a “super spreader” event that involved not tourists but her own civil service. A “bus crawl” took place Boxing Day involving over a hundred prison and defense force officers. There are more than 160 positive COVID results traced to this event, which is significant to a country that up to last week had less than 400 total cases. I am sure that the PM is super pissed, but she said now is not the time for recrimination and blame.
She told the nation that it is the Barbadian way to find out exactly where we stand, so that it can be dealt with. “Rumour abounds where facts do not exist.” Then she gave everyone a talking to by saying: “I have come now to recognize that I have to speak frankly all the time. I am not using a big set of long words or long talk to tell Barbadians “Cut it out, Cut it out!”



The curfew imposed for midnight New Year’s Eve has been moved up to 9pm. It is expected that everyone will be off the roads at that time or face heavy fines. The curfew will run until January 14th.

The bigger problem is that there are other cases on the island now that cannot be linked to incoming flights. I am afraid to say that I was lulled into the idea of there being no community spread on the island, and even though they have not confirmed community spread, it feels like it. I so desperately needed and wanted to believe that pre-COVID freedoms had returned. I so badly missed hugs, dancing, and beach volleyball that I would have believed anything so that I could continue to do these things.

We screwed up. A person, not within our group, but periphery to our core group has tested positive for COVID. No one in my group is ill, but some of us are going to get tested tomorrow. We have not been in contact with this person for a week, but if we are asymptomatic, we need that to be addressed. My sister kidded with me that it would be interesting if I blogged from the government quarantine facility, but let’s hope I don’t get the chance.


My heart is heavy tonight. I am trying not to feel shame for socializing when I thought it was safe. I was so careful in Canada and then so diligent with my quarantine on both ends. It goes to show, this virus is stronger than anyone’s desire for freedom.