Thankful Screw Covid – Wanderlust Life

Mala from Dani received in the mail on this one year anniversary of the pandemic

Did you know that the WHO declared the world-wide pandemic exactly one year ago? On March 11, 2020 I was coming back from the SheEO conference in Toronto that I attended in person with over 500 women. We were shaking hands. I hugged the founder, Vicki Saunders, because she is like a business rock star to me. (

Now I live in Barbados. I sit on the water every morning on a surfboard and chat with those around me. It is the ultimate in socially distanced interaction and building community in a pandemic environment. Neither of these things would happen if it were not for COVID 19. It would be ridiculous to say that I am grateful for the virus. Yet, with the opportunities it presented, and that I as a privileged person in this world was able to take advantage of, I must say that I am thankful.

There is a big part of me that flips COVID the middle finger and says, screw you, you didn’t get the best of me. There is another side of me that is so grateful for the extenuating circumstances that stopped me dead in my tracks and made me take a HARD look around.

Thankful Screw Covid – Wanderlust Life

My landlord bought a brand new gas oven and have to light the damn thing with a match!

So, what have I learned?

  • Freedom is the value that I hold most dear in the world. I have a tribe that feels the same.
  • I build community because friendship and connection are right up there in my list of values.
  • I can get rid of things and it feels good.
  • Saying goodbye to people makes me cry…a lot!
  • My body and soul are happiest when it is warm.
  • They still sell gas ovens that have to be lit with a match.

What am I learning?

  • Living in the future makes me anxious, so I try to be here in the present.
  • To love people fully while they are in my life, even when I know I may have to let them go.
  • There really is no rush.
  • I used to think that I didn’t like being in water, but it is that I don’t like being cold.
  • Expectations are the death of joy, so how do I accept even when I cannot condone?
Thankful Screw Covid – Wanderlust Life

Sun sets on Accra/Rockley beach right before the exercise period ends.

What does 2021 look like? Who the hell knows?

People ask how long I will be in Barbados. I don’t know. Some ask me what I am doing with my business. Don’t know that either. Those that knew the “old Sheri” will find this concerning. But I assure you I am ok. Refer to list above.To the universe: I am thankful (moving towards grateful) for the hard lessons that you have thrown my way, I am learning TONS.

To COVID: Screw you!